"Absolutely Brilliant!"
-Simon Lederman, BBC Radio London

"Bristling with exotic instrumentation and far flung sounds!"
-Nico Franks, BBC's freshonthenet.co.uk

-Ian Chambers, UKSOUNDS.com Radio


The Band

Kuma Lisa is an international trio based in East London. The band mix folk elements from Eastern and Western Europe with pop and jazz sensibilities. The character Kuma Lisa is a folktale fox character from Bulgaria, Russia and other countries in Estern Europe. Clever and cunning, she will often play tricks on other characters in the story to get what she wants.


Lead Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar


6 & 12 String Guitars, Double Bass, Cello, Salaw, Bass Pedals, Vocals


Piano, Accordion, Vocals

Kuma Lisa has also been priviliged to work with some of London's best musicians such as Clarinet player Dave Shulman, Sax player Ian Bailey and violinist Axel Lindner. By using the unique timbres and feels that extra musicians can offer, we have been able to compliment and enhance our sound.

The Album

Our first album has been completed and will be released in late Spring in the UK on the Chi-Wara-Music label.